CARE Program Eligibility

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must meet EOPS Program Eligibility
  • Must be at least 18 years of age or older
  • Must be declared Single-Head of Household by CalWORKs/TANF
  • Must be a CaWORKs/TANF Cash-aid recipient
  • Must have at least one child under the age of 18

CARE Program Services

Academic Counseling

CARE Textbook Assistance**

Assistance with Student Fees**

CARE Semester Grants

Educational School Supplies

Transportation Assistance

Grocery Cards

Auto Maintenance Reimbursements

Honor Society Fee Reimbursements


Workshops & Events


Community Referrals

Thrift Store Vouchers

Child Care Referrals

Tablet/Laptop Semester Loan Program

Lending Book Library

** CARE students that are eligible to submit an Ancillary Request are not eligible for these services.

 CARE Program Requirements

3 Required Counseling Appointments

  • 1st – During the beginning of the semester term
  • 2nd – Academic Progress Report (APR). See APR information below.
  • 3rd – Can be scheduled mid-semester and must be completed before the end of the semester term.

*Spring 2021- Academic Counseling Appointments must be completed between 1/4/21-5/28/21.

Academic Progress Report (APR)

The APR is a very important tool that will give you an indication of your academic status in your courses. It is also a mandate from the state that EOPS/CARE utilize this process as a means of measuring success. This requirement will also help your counselors and your instructors monitor your academic progress, coordinate interventions, and make appropriate referrals (i.e.: tutoring) if necessary.

*The Spring 2021 EOPS Academic Progress Report will be available beginning March 1st, 2021 on EOPS Canvas. Remote instructions and how to submit your APR for Spring 2021, please visit the EOPS Canvas*

Specialist/Coordinator Appointment

You only have to meet with your assigned Student Services Specialist/Coordinator at least once during the semester term.

*Spring 2021- Specialist Appointment must be completed between 2/1/21-5/22/21.

Tutoring/ Workshop

  • New EOPS/CARE students are required to complete 3 hours of tutoring for the semester.
  • Continuing EOPS/CARE students have the option to complete 1 workshop or complete 3 hours of tutoring.

*Spring 2021- Tutoring/Workshop requirement must be completed by 5/22/21.

CARE Grants

CARE students interested in earning a CARE Grant, must complete all EOPS/CARE program requirements by March 26, 2021.

In addition both continuing and new students, must complete an additional requirement. Please make your 1 required SSS/Coordinator appointment to discuss additional CARE Grant requirements.

Eligibility Steps to Complete

Step 1

Apply to EOPS/CARE: Please allow 2-3 weeks for us to review and process your application.

Step 2

Read EOPS Eligibility email thoroughly:

  • Option A: Attend Onboarding Session (3hours)
    Includes EOPS Program Orientation, Academic Counseling/Educational Plan and Mutual Responsibility Contract
  • Option B: Complete the EOPS Online Orientation- log in using password provided in email & schedule 1-on-1 Academic Counseling/Educational Plan and Mutual Responsibility Contract

Step 3

The CARE Program staff will contact you via email and phone regarding your CARE Program status and documentation

Step 4

Submit all require CARE documentation to

Step 5

Attend the New CARE Student Orientation on Zoom